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The Iconic Displays Standard Connectors are accessory counters that can be used to link together multiple Iconic Displays Standard Counters and create additional multi-level counter space. The Iconic Displays Standard Connectors are available in a variety of angles and configurations. Each Connector is sold separately. Prices below are for the Connectors only.

83105 Iconic Counter Connector 30, Black $250.00
83110 Iconic Counter Connector 30, Light Blue $250.00
83115 Iconic Counter Connector 30, Dark Blue $250.00
83120 Iconic Counter Connector 30, Coal Gray $250.00
83205 Iconic Counter Connector 45, Black $250.00
83210 Iconic Counter Connector 45, Light Blue $250.00
83215 Iconic Counter Connector 45, Dark Blue $250.00
83220 Iconic Counter Connector 45, Coal Gray $250.00
83305 Iconic Counter Connector 180, Black $250.00
83310 Iconic Counter Connector 180, Light Blue $250.00
83315 Iconic Counter Connector 180, Dark Blue $250.00
83320 Iconic Counter Connector 180, Coal Gray $250.00
84005 Iconic Counter Star Connector, Black $300.00
84010 Iconic Counter Star Connector, Light Blue $300.00
84015 Iconic Counter Star Connector, Dark Blue $300.00
84020 Iconic Counter Star Connector, Coal Gray $300.00
10060 Graphic for Connector 30, 45 or 180
29.5”w x 27.6”h (per side)
10062 Graphic for Star Connector
18.5”w x 27.6”h (per side)

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"The folks at Iconic Trade Show Displays met all our needs for a critical event with a tight deadline & special shipping needs. They were very easy to work with and delivered on time and on budget. The pieces are high quality and are still being used today. I will definitely continue to work with Iconic on future projects."

Matt Conkrite
Marketing Communications Manager
GE Energy Management