Iconic Geometric Connectors

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The Iconic Displays Geometric Connectors are accessory counters that can be used to link together multiple Iconic Displays Geometric Counters. Each Connector is sold separately. Prices below are for the Connectors only.

44005 Iconic Geometric Connector, Black $275.00
44010 Iconic Geometric Connector, Light Blue $275.00
44015 Iconic Geometric Connector, Dark Blue $275.00
44020 Iconic Geometric Connector, Coal Gray $275.00
10045 Full Wrap Graphic of Two Geometrics + One Connector - Front (one piece), 119.3"w x 35.8"h $406.00
10045B Rear Graphic for Two Geometrics + One Connector (one piece), 37.8"w x 35.8"h $138.00

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