Truss Booth | Bodega 10' Trade Show Exhibit

Price $3,974.00*
Suggested Retail Price: $4349.00
Our Price: $3,974.00*

If you are looking to purchase a 10 foot truss booth for your next trade show, the iconic Bodega design is a great option. This truss exhibit features a sleek design and will help you create an inviting space without breaking the bank. This display is a great option for companies who may be new to exhibiting and want to establish themselves on the show floor. This truss is a perfect base to expand upon as you grow your trade show presence over the years. The three panels on the back wall will display your company graphics and logo clearly, and the industrial design of the truss will add a professional edge to your booth space.

Truss Booth | Bodega 10' Trade Show Exhibit, includes

  • Truss system
  • 3 50 Watt lights
  • 2 Standard shipping cases

Optional accessories

  • Graphic Panels A & C (46.75"w x 81.5"h) (+)(F)or(S)Call for price
  • Graphic Panel B (47.5"w x 81.5"h) (+)(F)or(S)Call for price
  • 4' Counter unit Price: $900
  • Literature shelves Price: $35 each


With so many exhibit accessories and additions available from Iconic Displays, it will be easy to add your own unique flair to this truss display. You many choose to customize it with standing podiums, literature shelves, video monitors or workstations. Once you add your high quality graphics and promotional material to this booth, your design vision will come together. This truss display includes the 10’ back wall, three 50 Watt lights to illuminate it, and two standard shipping cases. By transporting and storing your truss booth correctly, it will last for years to come. Give us a call today to start designing your new trade show booth. 

* Price does not include some options shown in picture

** Additional and/or larger shipping cases may be required.
(+) These sizes may vary and additional hardware may be required, depending upon where the Graphic Panels are to be installed and the Graphic material selected.
(F) Fabric Graphic
(S) Styrene Graphic

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