Truss Booth | Pasadena 10' Trade Show Truss

Price $2,641.00*
Suggested Retail Price: $2899.00
Our Price: $2,641.00*

The Pasadena trade show display is a simple, yet effective option for a 10x10 trade show space. This design is great for companies looking to exhibit their brand and logo on a large wall space, without overpaying for features they don’t need. This streamlined booth design provides just enough space for your staff, graphics, and optional counter space. 

Truss Booth | Pasadena 10' Trade Show Truss, includes

  • Truss system
  • 2 Fluorescent strip lights for soffit
  • 2 Standard shipping cases

Optional accessories

  • Graphic Panel A, Header Panel (115"w x 11.5"h with Chisel Point Ends) **(+)(S)Call for price
  • Graphic Panel B (82"w x 75.75"h) **(+)(F)Call for price
  • Graphic Panel C (82"w x 11.5"h) **(+)(S)Call for price
  • Graphic Panel D, Header for Optional Workstation (25"w x 11.5"h) **(+)(S)Call for price
  • Graphic Panel E, Front Panel for Optional Workstation (21"w x 38"h) **(+)(S)Call for price
  • Graphic Panel F, Graphic for Optional Designer Counter (24.5"w x 24"h) **(+)(F)or(S)Call for price
  • Fabric footer cover, 80.5" x 11.5" ** Price: $56
  • Workstation with LCD mount ** Price: $1256
  • Rectangle designer counter ** Price: $1022


The large back wall truss fits into a 10-foot booth space and provides a wall-height area for your graphic banner. A wide variety of accessories are available, including workstations with LCD mounts, free standing counter and podiums, retractable banner stands, and more. You can work with our graphics experts to design and print high quality banners on fabric or other substrates to include in your display. Optional logo headers to include across the top of this truss booth are a great way to get your company logo above the heads of trade show attendees.

Preparing for a trade show can be a stressful process, so let the experts at Iconic Displays help you every step of the way. We can work within your budget to help you design a booth that will make you stand out from your competitors at your next event. No matter what type of business or trade show it is, Iconic Displays has the perfect 10x10 trade show booth and accessories for your next event. Give us a call today at 888-331-4260.

* Price does not include some options shown in picture

** Additional and/or larger shipping cases may be required.
(+) These sizes may vary and additional hardware may be required, depending upon where the Graphic Panels are to be installed and the Graphic material selected.
(F) Fabric Graphic
(S) Styrene Graphic

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