10' Pop Up Display Rental

Price $ 485.00
Our Price: $ 485.00

Our 10' pop up rentals are a quick and affordable way to create a 10' backwall.  Pop up displays are very simple to setup and come with detailed set-up instructions.  Set-up takes about 25 minutes the first time user and about 15 minutes once you've done it before. 

 Rental price includes:

• 10' pop up display system w/velcro-compatible fabric panels (black)

• Two 150 watt halogen lights

• One wheeled shipping case

• One case-to-counter conversion kit

Add 6 custom printed mural graphics panels for only $900.  The mural graphics panels turns your 10' backwall into a full mural.  You can wrap the podium with your custom printed graphic as well for only $100.  The photo below shows the mural graphics version of our 10' pop up rental.  The price as shown below is only $1485.

Iconic 10ft pop up rental with mural graphics


Prices do not include shipping nor installation and dismantle services.

10' Pop Up Display Rental Add Ons10' Pop Up Display Rental Graphics
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