Sales Energized Trade Shows (Post 7 – Post Show)

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After the show you’ll want to pay close attention to both lead distribution and lead follow-up. This is super important since one of the key reasons you’re exhibiting is likely for lead generation. Yet this all important step often gets lost in the rush to move on to the next high priority item on your ….READ MORE

Sales Energized Trade Shows (Post 6 – Show Time)

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Once again the show objectives should serve as your bible for creating your show specific training plan. Make sure that you’re specifically training on the focus areas for each particular show. You’ll want to determine the key takeaways for each target group that you’re focusing on at a particular show.  These takeaways, or “messages” should ….READ MORE

Sales Energized Trade Shows (Post 5 – Outreach)

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So now that you’ve done all the hard work to create a sales energized annual trade show plan, along with all the show specific priorities and details, and now that you’ve obtained sales management buy-in and have individuals assigned to work with you, it’s time to begin the all important outreach program! This program should ….READ MORE

Creating a Sales Energized Trade Show Plan – post 4 – Prioritization

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Another key task in setting mutual goals is to prioritize. This is always difficult since lots of folks will have their own agendas and it will be up to you and your boss to clearly weed thru all the suggestions and clearly prioritize the show objectives. Categorizing into the groups shown below is a useful way ….READ MORE

Magician “Al the Only” – entertainment for trade shows and more

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Business clients agree that Al The Only works magic when it comes to entertaining their employees and customers. A full time professional magician for over two decades, Al has been featured in many local publications and magazines such as “Crain’s Small Business”, “Money”, and “Success”, for his work in Corporate America. Although he typically performs ….READ MORE

Creating a Sales Energized Trade Show Program (Post 3 – Sales Buy In & Planning)

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So I’m sure you’re thinking “all of this sounds great, but our sales group is really hard to deal with (or maybe overworked already, or won’t return my calls, or at war with marketing, or —- lots of other reasons).  So if you and your marketing department have a great relationship with sales then consider ….READ MORE

Creating a Sales Energized Trade Show Program (Post 2 – Key Focus Areas)

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OK. So hopefully everyone is on board now with the importance of a “Sales Energized Trade Show Program”. Now you’re probably thinking thru your own unique situation and how you might bring your sales team into your trade show program. And you’re probably thinking about all the reasons this might be hard to do. Well ….READ MORE

Creating a Sales Energized Trade Show Program (Post 1)

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I had the pleasure of teaching a class at Exhibitor Live 2017 in Las Vegas this year on the topic of “Creating a Sales Energized Trade Show Program”. The class was very well received and so I’m sharing the talk via a series of blog posts with everyone who wasn’t able to attend the show. ….READ MORE

Summer Trade Shows

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Here’s a list of some of the more interesting trade shows for this Summer of 2017. We have customers exhibiting at many of these shows and are here to help if you’re planning to exhibit. Be sure to checkout our new line of backlit tradeshow displays. June Trade Shows AAD Summer – Amer. Academy Of ….READ MORE

ExhibitorLive Goes Big with BackLights

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ExhibitorLive is the ‘trade show for the trade show industry” and is the one and only place to see the latest trends in the Exhibit industry. The one clear trend that jumped out at me from this show was the strong shift to backlit trade show displays. Backlit displays have clearly moved from a “cool ….READ MORE

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