Portable Trade Show Displays – Fabric Display Basics

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The term “fabric trade show display” or “fabric display” is used to describe a variety of trade show display systems that use fabric for their main “graphic wall” areas instead of more traditional materials such as Lexan or laminates.  The major advances in on demand fabric printing technologies from companies such as Hewlett Packard and Rolland have allowed trade show exhibit designers to utilize large fabric walls for their exhibit booth designs.

The most significant advantage of fabric is that it is very light weight and portable.  This not only greatly reduces shipping costs, but also makes booth installation and dismantle much easier and provides for better re-use since fabric graphic panels are less prone to damage than traditional Lexan panels which need to be carefully rolled and placed in cases for shipping and storage.

Straight Wall Pop Up  Fabric Display

The most cost effective fabric display for a 10 foot booth space is a pop up fabric display.  These displays utilize a “pop-up” aluminum display structure which has a fabric backwall attached to it.  In it’s “folded” mode, the pop up will fit into an easy to transport wheeled shipping case.  To setup the fabric display system you simply take the exhibit out of its case and “pop it up”.  This can be done in a matter of minutes and provides a visually appealing large scale fabric backwall for branding and messaging.   Some of these systems can also accommodate shelving for product display.  Fabric display popups are available in a range of sizes and shapes including curved wall, flat wall, and the unique Xpressions Snap display system that uses smaller stretchable fabric panels to provide a unique 3-dimensional look.

Xpressions pop up fabric display - 3x3 size

The next step up from a popup fabric display is a modular display system or a truss display system.  Modular displays and truss displays are built using standard aluminum components to create a semi-customized booth structure.  These systems provide a channel within the structure that is used to hold the graphic panels.  The ends of the panels are stitched with a polysilicon material which is then securely inserted into the channels to hold the fabric display panels in place.   The combination of a powder coated aluminum frame and beautifully printed graphic panels provides a very sophisticated and refined look that is highly valued among trade show professionals.  Display lighting is also used to bring additional attention to the graphics and any displayed products.

Modular display systems are also valued for their ability to hold shelving, slatwall, pegboard, and computer monitors.  A well designed booth can integrate your branding and product or service messaging via fabric backwalls, while also highliting your products and services via LCD displays and product showcases.

One great way to get started with fabric displays is with a rental of either a fabric backwall display frame or a modular exhibit booth rental.   If you’re looking for a lightweight and easy to setup trade show or event display system with a contemporary look and attention grabbing graphics, you need to take a good look at a fabric display system.