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Iconic Displays 10’ x 20’ trade show displays are great for both branding and product display and provide a sophisticated appearance that’s sure to get you noticed. We represent the top quality manufacturers for truss display systems, modular exhibit systems, popup displays, fabric displays and more.

Complete with custom, printed graphics and endless customization options, our portable 10’ x 20’ trade show booths offer easy transportability and storage – all while enhancing your company’s dynamic brand image.

Easy Portability and Storage for Your 10' x 20' Trade Show Display

10’ by 20’ trade show displays from Iconic Displays may have a big personality, but they all fold up or disassemble compactly and travel easily for the most convenience. The last thing you want to worry about is getting your display to the venue on-time and damage-free, but with our top-quality, durable products that tear down to compact sizes and ship in rotomolded plastic shipping cases, you can focus your energy on planning your show and refining your sales pitch.

Stunning Custom Graphics

Your display system provides the backdrop and framework for your professional trade show presence, but it’s the graphics that really tie it all together. Without custom graphics, your display isn’t really your own. That’s why Iconic Displays offers custom graphics of the highest quality, printed either on Lexan graphic panels or fabric for a resilient, wrinkle-free look.

Variety of Display Types

Whether you prefer a modular display, fabric display, pop up display, truss display or something else, Iconic Displays offers a wide variety of 10’ by 20’ trade show booths to choose from. From budget-priced displays that still make a major impact to premium, sophisticated displays attendees will never forget, a 10’ by 20’ trade show display from Iconic Displays provides a dominating, visually impressive exhibit  that supports your professional brand image.

Endless Add-Ons

Just purchasing a standard trade show display doesn’t provide the customization options needed to make your trade show presence truly your own. Iconic Displays offers a wide variety of customization options and add-ons to accomplish just that – including shelving and pegboards for displaying products, LCD displays, canopies, lighting, and more.

Completely Customizable

Choose a 10’ by 20’ modular display or truss display system for more flexibility to reconfigure your trade show display as your company grows, or expand your display system as you go. With a variety of configuration options and the ability to enhance your display or adjust your setup for different venues, your 10’x20’ exhibit display can be as unique as your business.

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