10' x 20' Trade Show Booths

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What’s a 10x20 trade show display?

A 10x20 trade show display is a display that’s designed to fit into a 10x20 trade show booth space.  This size display is also often referred to as a 20’ inline display and features 8’ high backwalls which is a standard maximum height for trade show displays.

What types of accessories and add-ons go well with a 10x20 trade show display booth?

Common accessories and add-ons include lighting, backlighting, charging stations, flooring, banner stands, shelving, peg board, kiosks and podiums, and monitors.  A small table and 4 chairs fits well in this size space and provides a great meeting area.  Some displays may also include a storage closet.

Why choose a 10’x20’ display over a 10’x10’ booth?

A 10’x20’ display provides twice the space and twice the linear footage of a 10’ display.  This size display is acceptable for any size company whereas a 10x10 booth is better for a new or smaller company with a limited budget.  In general a 10x20 booth space provides the appearance of a successful company with strong resources.

What are the different types of 10’x20’ trade show displays to choose from?

10x20 displays types include pop up displays, fabric pop up displays, tension fabric displays, backlit displays, truss displays, and modular displays.  The type you choose depends on budget, functionality required, and level of emotional impact desired.

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