20' x 20' Iconic Hybrid Displays

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20' x 20' Iconic Hybrid Display - ALPINA

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20' x 20' Iconic Hybrid Display - RINGO

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20’ x 20’ Hybrid Trade Show Displays represent some of the most impressive trade show display systems available. With an array of functionality built right in, you’ll be getting much more than passing glances from attendees. With options including built-in seating areas for presenting information to small groups, LCD display monitors, shelving for product displays and so much more, you won’t believe what you can do with a 20’ x 20’ Hybrid Trade Show Display.

Hybrid 20x20 Booths - Refined and Functional

Our Hybrid 20x20 exhibits use a combination of modular display elements and truss exhibit components along with high resolution fabric graphics to provide a highly refined look while still providing a high level of functionality. The Alpina display kit provides large elevated graphics areas at 2 different levels of elevation to capture the attention of show attendees. The semi circular areas also serve to create smaller spaces for demonstrations or meeting areas. And the truss system is great for suspending video monitors.

Build In Some Interactivity

Today’s trade shows are miles apart from the trade shows of years ago, which featured a bunch of businesses lined up with brochures laid out on a table. A few might have had a custom table cover if they really wanted to look professional. Today’s trade shows are a slew of activity, with speakers holding break-out sessions, media scrambling to be the first to break the major news of the latest and greatest inventions, and display systems that are much, much more than a simple table. That’s why our 20’ x 20’ Hybrid Modular Trade Show Displays pack in features like built-in seating for small groups within a cubicle-like display system, smaller, breakout workstations with LCD monitors, workstations for one-on-one discussions, shelves to display your products and more. 

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