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Trade Show Truss Displays are a completely customizable solution ideal for businesses just starting out attending trade shows.  A 10’ Truss Display is a great starting point for a small business, offering a unique and affordable solution to help you stand out from the crowd.

Even if you don’t have a top-dollar budget to invest in a larger, more sophisticated display, a 10’ Trade Show Truss Display can be configured in a variety of ways and re-purposed and re-configured for each trade show you attend.  The option to add on to your truss display system as your company grows while maintaining a cohesive, modern look appeals to businesses across many industries.

No Limit to Configuration Options

Whether you choose one of our pre-configured 10’ Truss Display systems or have ideas for your own design, our truss systems can be configured in an endless variety of designs. That means you can create a look and layout that’s completely unique to your company.

Add-On Options for Greater Customization

If you have products to display, a 10’ Truss Display is a great fit. With a variety of off-the-shelf options, such as pegboards, shelving, and hangers, you can build in any functionality you need.  Our 10’ Truss Displays are capable of holding LCD monitors—so you can start off your trade show experience on the right foot by embracing the power of technology to engage trade show attendees.

Exceptional Weight-Bearing Capabilities

Not all truss display systems are created equal. Some are constructed of lower-quality plastics or aluminum, which don’t offer the same weight-bearing capabilities as sturdier materials. Even if you’re not incorporating shelving, LCD displays or other elements right away, you don’t want to have to re-invest in a better system as your company grows.  Be sure to inquire about the weight-bearing capabilities of any truss display system before you buy.

Industrial Feel Provides a Modern Look

Aesthetic appeal is a major draw for trade show attendees. Draw potential customers to your booth with a streamlined truss display system, with a modern style that works well with industries ranging from book publishers to gadget makers.

Display Your Top-Quality Graphics

10’ Trade Show Truss Displays provide a great framework for displaying custom graphics and banners, in addition to products, LCD monitors and other elements. These versatile displays can be configured in endless ways to support custom graphic and designs.

Whether you have a design in mind or are looking for some expert help to create a custom configuration, call 888-331-4620 to discuss your options with an experienced Iconic Displays Exhibit Consultant or contact us via email: sales@iconicdisplays.com.

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