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20’ Truss Trade Show Displays create a dominant visual presence to attract attendees to your exhibit. Iconic Displays offers a variety of pre-configured systems, or you can design your own custom layout. We also offer custom printed fabric or lexan graphics panels at an affordable packaged price to provide a complete backdrop or custom trade show system that can be added to and re-configured for every trade show you attend.

Complete Customization Options

20’ Truss Trade Show Displays provide a great backdrop in conjunction with other trade show systems, such as hanging displays, workstations, monitor mounts, and portable counters. Take advantage of our package options to include custom printed fabrics or lexan graphics at an attractive price to complete your display system.

Add-Ons for Greater Functionality

Truss booths, including 20’ Exhibit truss systems, provide an excellent foundation for adding additional systems and products as your company grows. Pegboards or shelving, for example, can be easily added to a truss system for displaying products. LCD monitors are often incorporated for a touch of technology.

Expand Your System as You Grow

The great thing about truss display systems is that they come in a number of off-the-shelf components that not only can be configured in endless ways, but they can be added on to an existing system to make it larger or more complex. That means you can invest in a basic truss display system, such as our 20’ Truss Trade Show Display, and incorporate other pieces to expand as your company grows and budget permits.

No Space Restriction Concerns

What if you invest in a 20’ Truss Trade Show Display, and then you book a trade show with limited exhibit space? With a truss system, that’s not a problem. Simply reconfigure your display setup, remove a few pieces or create a few corners for a more closed-in feel. That’s the versatility of a truss display system.

Weight-Bearing is Not a Problem

Often, businesses invest in a trade show truss display and then try to add additional elements, such as shelves or LCD monitors—only to find that the plastic or aluminum framework is really only capable of holding graphics. Instead of investing in a system that could become worthless in a few short years, choose a top-quality, sturdy truss display system with superior weight-bearing capabilities. Even if you don’t have plans for LCD monitors now, that will probably change.

Iconic Displays offers various pre-configured 20’ Truss Trade Show Displays. If our pre-configured options don’t match your vision, call 888-331-4260 to discuss your options with an experienced Iconic Displays Exhibit Consultant or contact us via email: sales@iconicdisplays.com.

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