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A trade show display is a big investment. And you want your investment to last. Better yet, you want to invest in a system that can grow and change with your company over time. What if you re-brand? What if you attend a trade show with limited space and your standard setup doesn’t work? What if you decide you want to incorporate technology down the road, and your trade show display setup isn’t strong enough to hold those heavier items? 20’ x 20’ Trade Show Truss Displays from Iconic Displays solve all those problems--and more.

Robust Systems for Complete Display Setups

A 20’ x 20’ Trade Show Truss Display can be set up in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking for a cubicle-like setup to provide a framework for other display systems, such as workstations or kiosks, or an overhead display setup that creates an impressive presence, there’s a 20’ x 20’ Trade Show Truss Display that will work for your specific requirements.

Endless Configuration Options

Not sure exactly how you want your trade show display to look? The great thing about truss displays is that the off-the-shelf pieces can be added, removed and re-configured at any time—so you can start off with one look and have a completely different setup at your next trade show without investing in a complete new display system. A look at our gallery above demonstrates just how versatile a truss display system is.

Excellent Weight-Bearing Capabilities

Some truss display systems are designed to house graphics, but aren’t capable of holding heavier items like products or LCD monitors. With truss display systems from Iconic Displays, you can add shelving, pegboards, LCD monitors, and other pieces with confidence. Our truss displays are constructed of sturdy materials with the ability to do more than just provide a backdrop for your printed graphics.

Industrial, Modern Look

No matter what industry you’re in, a truss display exhibit  system is ideal. Combined with custom graphics and other display systems, you can create whatever look you prefer. The sleek, industrial look of truss displays creates a modern feel, while providing a streamlined backdrop that blends seamlessly with whatever other systems or graphics you choose to include.

If you’re ready to kick your trade show display up a notch—or five—call us today at 888-331-4260 to discuss your options with an experienced Iconic Displays Exhibit Consultant or contact us via email: sales@iconicdisplays.com.

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