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Trade show fabric displays are a sure way to make a lasting impression at your next event. With a washable, wrinkle-resistant yet highly durable and stunning graphic backdrop, attendees won’t be able to resist.

Exceptional Durability

You may not think of fabric as durable, but it’s actually an ideal material for traveling. That’s because it won’t chip, ding, or bend when bounced around in a vehicle or on a plane. Traditional Lexan graphic panels, for instance, must be carefully rolled and stored to avoid damage. And because fabric is so lightweight, you’ll save tons of money on shipping costs whereas more traditional trade show displays can be bulky and heavy, incurring extra costs for both size and weight.

Highly Portable and Pops up in seconds!

The fabric graphic pop up display system consists of a lightweight aluminum frame that “pops up” (no assembly required) – and the stunning, vibrant fabric graphic panel serves as the prominent backdrop for your entire exhibit. These configurations can be set up within minutes. While the standard 10’ pop up display is the most cost-effective option, there are a variety of sizes and setups available, including flat wall, curved wall and the Xpressions Snap system, which uses a series of smaller, stretchable fabric panesl to create a unique, three-dimensional appearance.

Compatible with Modular and Truss Display Systems

Both modular and truss trade show display systems can also be used with fabric graphic panels, with built-in frameworks capable of holding and showcasing your custom graphics. If your exhibit requires shelving for showcasing products, LCD monitors, or other types of structural elements, you can combine the impressive graphics of a fabric display with a modular or truss display system for the best of both worlds.

Washable, Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric

Worried about your fabric trade show displays looking disheveled and faded over time? Iconic Displays fabric displays feature a washable, wrinkle-resistant fabric that won’t fade and won’t leave unsightly wrinkles and creases. That means you have a smooth, vibrant, and professional-looking backdrop for your events – without hours spent ironing.

Excellent Configuration for Branding and Messaging

A fabric display creates a giant, customized graphic backwall for your trade show displays, especially when used with the pop up display system. That means your entire booth backdrop can be used for large, impactful graphics along with core brand messaging. And because these fabric trade show displays are so visually appealing, you can be sure more attendees are being exposed to your core messaging.

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