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A Hybrid Modular Display or Hybrid Modular Exhibit takes various trade show display elements and combines them for a streamlined, modern, yet totally cohesive look with maximum functionality and flexibility. Take your trade show marketing efforts to the next level with a professional, compelling visual setup that attracts attention from across the exhibit hall.

Wide Variety of Options

Hybrid Modular Displays and Exhibits come in a wide range of setups and configurations. The flexibility of these systems is unsurpassed, allowing you to alter the look and layout of your display at each show. Options include built-in shelving units, integrated kiosks or workstations, built-in LCD display mounting options, reception desks, seating areas for small group presentations and much more. The options are endless, and because modular displays are configured using a variety of off-the-shelf components, they’re totally customizable.

Easy Portability and Travel

Despite the complexity of Hybrid Modular Display layouts, most of the components of these systems pack up easily, folding flat and stored in a polycarbonate flat pack shipping case equipped with wheels. It doesn’t get simpler than that—and because most of the components are light-weight, you’ll save on shipping costs, too. If you’re renting your Hybrid Modular Display from Iconic Displays, we handle shipping and setup, so you don’t have to worry about any of those details.

Simple Setup

When you use a Hybrid Modular Display, attendees will never guess it took just a few short hours to completely setup and configure your display. These detail-oriented display systems build in so many features and functions, it’s hard to believe they’re that simple to setup. No more worrying about whether you’ll get your display system ready on time—Hybrid Modular Displays take the guesswork out of assembly.

Fabric Display Options

With Hybrid Modular Displays, you can opt for lexan graphic panels or fabric display graphics, which provide a more refined look and won’t dent like other graphics can. Fabric graphics are also lightweight 

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