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Printed company brochures and pamphlets are one of the most reliable ways to get out information to your booth visitors about your business. Providing easy access to your literature will allow trade show attendees to browse your booth at their leisure and let them control the flow of information. It is important that you properly train your booth staff to be friendly and engaging, but some visitors might prefer reading pamphlets or flipping through brochures at their own pace. Printing company literature is also helpful for supplementing your pitches.  Business handouts are essential for exhibiting because they keep your brand and company image fresh in the minds of your visitors even long after the event is over. Literature stands are essential accessories for any trade show booth.

Showcase your company literature

You have spent weeks designing the perfect layout and graphic design for your new company brochures. You have worked with a design professional to make sure your literature looks as stunning and interesting as possible. What better way to showcase such an important marketing investment than with a sleek, modern display stand?  Literature stands will help add the finishing, professional touches to any trade show exhibit. Keep things organized throughout the duration of a busy event by choosing from our wide selection of brochure racks.

Styles to fit with any display

No matter what style display you select for your next trade show booth, there is a literature rack that will match perfectly and add a whole new level of interest to your booth. From industrial truss exhibits, to sleek modular displays or no-hassle pop up walls, there are many display options to choose from when designing your trade show booth. Mesh, metal, and industrial-looking literature racks all have a very different aesthetic appeal and work well for different industries.

Designs that work within any budget

If you have invested a lot into your trade show display, you might not want to economize on the accessories. Iconic Displays offers a wide selection of literature stands that can fit into any exhibiting budget. Literature racks are more important than you might realize, so you shouldn’t’ cut them out completely. Including a brochure rack is an affordable way to maintain an organized, professional look.

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