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Trade show display rentals are an ideal solution for many businesses, offering a number of benefits such as no storage costs, the ability to customize your display for each trade show, and more. Iconic Displays offers classic modular display systems and pop up trade show displays in our standard trade show display rental program.

Variety of Modular Display Configurations Available

Whether you need a simple 10’ classic modular display or a larger, more prominent 20’ modular display, our exhibit rental program includes a modular trade show display option that will make a big impact at your next event.

Pop Up Displays for Convenience

Setting up and tearing down a trade show display before and after an event can be a major time sink. And if you’re on a tight travel schedule, one small delay can mean a missed flight. Pop up displays from Iconic Displays are designed to set up within minutes and with zero hassles, so you can get on the road sooner.

No-Hassle Storage

If you don’t have ample storage space on your premises, you’re faced with ongoing storage costs if you own your own trade show display. And if you attend just a few events each year, the ongoing cost of storing a display safely isn’t always worth it. When you rent a display from Iconic Displays, you only deal with handling your display at the event – with no ongoing costs.

Optional Graphics Packages for a Customized Look

No trade show exhibit is complete without custom graphics. Choose to add an optional graphics package, and our trade show exhibit experts will work closely with you to choose the graphics that will work best with your chosen display configuration and are on-target with your brand image.

Set Up, Tear Down and Shipping

Iconic Displays’ standard trade show display rental program couldn’t be simpler. We’ll configure the system, print your custom graphics, and ship everything directly to the venue for you – no traveling with boxes and cumbersome display elements. You simply need to setup the booth at the event (or hire show services to set it up for you), tear it down and pack it up when the event is over. Then just ship it right back to us, without another worry.

Additional Options Available

Our standard rentals provide additional product selections that may not be available through our turnkey rental program. More options means more ways to create the perfect trade show exhibit for your next event.

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