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What's the best way to use the space provided by a double deck trade show exhibit?

One major advantage of a double deck exhibit is that it can effectively double the amount of space you have available.   One great way to use the upper deck space is for reception areas with food and drink service, for meeting areas with chairs, couches, and tables, and also for product demo areas as long as the product isn’t too heavy or bulky.

What type of accessories and add-ons go well with a double decker trade show display booth?

Since many exhibitors will want to hold meetings on the upper deck it is common to include furniture items and even a bar area on the upper deck.  Other common add-ons include charging stations, backlit displays, and monitors.

Does a double deck display work for a 10’x20’booth space?  If not what size space is required?

Double deck displays are only available for Island spaces which are always at least 20x20 in size and some show organizers will require a 20x30 minimum space for a double deck booth.  You would never be able to use a double deck display in a 10x20 booth space.

What are the different types of double deck trade show displays to choose from?

There are a wide variety of different double deck trade show displays available to choose from.  Key differences include the size of the upper deck as well as the overall size of the booth. If you have a very large booth you may choose to have the double deck take up only a portion of the overall booth space. Other differences are the amount of graphics, the layout of demo stations and walls in the lower area, signage, use of monitors, and flooring. 

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