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Premium Modular Displays represent some of the most advanced trade show display options in the industry. Our pre-configured Premium Modular Displays come in an array of options, all offering the same level of flexibility and portability that modular trade show displays are known for.

Flexible Options

Whether you need a 10’, 20’ or 20’ x 20’ modular display, we have options to meet your needs. Modular displays offer the benefit of flexibility—meaning you can add to your display system over time with additional components like kiosks, workstations, and literature stands, or you can split a larger, 20’ x 20’ display into two 10’ displays for use at different trade show events at the same time. This is also ideal if you make an investment in a 20’ x 20’ display but then sign up for an event offering limited exhibit space.

Excellent Portability for Easy Travel

Instead of the heavy, clunky wooden crates some custom trade show displays come in, Premium Modular Displays are designed to fold down flat and store in flat pack travel cases for easy portability. Because they’re lighter weight, you’ll save drastically in shipping costs.

Fabric or Lexan Graphics Panels

With Premium Modular Displays, you have multiple graphics options. With varying levels of built-in graphics capabilities, you can use either fabric graphics or lexan graphic panels to complete your trade show display look. Your trade show graphics are often the deciding factor in the overall visual appeal of your display, so the choice between different graphic options allows you to create the precise look your company has in mind.

Built-In Shelving and LCD Display Options

Want to display products, or wow them with a visual LCD display? Iconic Displays offers multiple display setups with built-in shelving and options for mounting an LCD display. Today’s trade shows are technologically advanced, so tap into the opportunity to engage a larger group by showcasing your company’s commercials or an informational video about your products or services. By adding a workstation to the side, you can handle one-on-one conversations with engaged prospects while entertaining the crowd at the same time.

Additional Aesthetic Touches for Sophistication

Premium Modular Displays come in a variety of configurations with many different options and customizable add-on components. One such option is the addition of frosted plexiglass side panels or header panels, or “standoffs”, which attach to the display system framework with hardware to create a sleek, modern 3D effect.

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