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Modular display systems offer both the flexibility and functionality you need to make a lasting impression. When it comes to trade shows, first impressions are critical—your trade show display system can mean the difference between attendees flocking to your booth and idly passing by with a mere passing glance.

Ease of Portability and Setup

Setup and tear-down represent some of the biggest hassles when it comes to attending trade shows. Modular Trade Show Displays are both portable and simple to set up, so you can spend more time refining your presentation instead of hours of frustration trying to get your exhibit booth set up.

Flexible Booth Size & Functionality

Modular Display systems are designed to easily scale from 10x10 to 20x20 and beyond so you can use the same display framework at both smaller regional and larger national trade shows. The other great thing about Modular Trade Show Displays is that they work well with additional structures, so you can add backwall panels, kiosks, LCD monitors, shelving and other features to showcase your products and services. Modular Trade Show Displays adapt easily to different space restrictions.

High-End, Custom Look

Modular Trade Show Displays look so sophisticated and modern, trade show attendees will never guess how easy it was to set up your exhibit. These display systems are designed to impress, packing features like built-in counters, impressive tower structures to hold custom banners and graphics, and optional LCD display mounts to engage multiple attendees simultaneously.

Ideal for Frequent Travel and Heavy Use

Traveling to trade shows can be hard on professionals—imagine how hard it is on your display system. Bumps and nicks over time detract from the appearance of your display. That’s why a Modular Trade Show Display is a wise investment for a growing company. With the durability needed to handle frequent travel with ease, these display systems offer years of useable life.

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