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From Classic pop-up displays to fabric displays, budget pop up displays and curved wall fabric trade show displays, Iconic Displays offers a vast variety of pop up exhibit options to meet the needs of any business. Pop up booths work well in conjunction with other trade show display components, such as workstations and kiosks, and often serve as a visually impressive backdrop that attracts attention.  Choosing any one of the functional, yet versatile, custom printed pop up displays that Iconic Displays has to offer is sure to draw traffic to your booth. Check out our display gallery to get an idea of the many backwalls we offer including lightweight fabric pop ups and mural popups, or call us and let us help you decide what display system will work best for your growing company. 

Extraordinary Functionality

Trade show pop up booths are incredibly simple display systems to set up, yet they’re also amazingly versatile. Not only can they be combined with other trade show display components, but certain pop up booths can be broken down into four different displays—converting from a 10’ four panel display down to a one panel tower display. That means you can use and combine these displays in a variety of ways in conjunction with many different systems and components for a completely customized trade show display.

Simple Setup for Pop-up Displays

Pop-up displays have their name for a reason—they’re super simple to setup. When you’re getting ready for a trade show, the last thing you want to worry about is the hours and hours it will take you to get your display system setup and ready for the public. Pop up displays completely eliminate that worry since they set up in minutes.  

Easily Replace Graphics

When you purchase a pop up, you can change up your graphics at any time. And it’s easy to switch out graphics panels. That means you can use multiple display graphics with specific messaging, switching them out to target different niche audiences depending on the trade show you’re attending. Rebranding?  We offer a variety of graphics package options including mural fabric graphics, laminated panels, velcro graphics, and Xpressions systems with a mosaic of custom printed graphics panels.  Our fast path proofing process ensures very fast turnaround on the graphics printing process.

Variety of Sizes

Whether you want a display to serve as a tower or simple backdrop, or you want a large, dominating graphic display to comprise the major foundation of your trade show setup, pop up displays come in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Combine two smaller pop up walls for a more complex display system. Choose from exhibits ranging from 8’ to 20’.

Not sure which one is right for your growing business? Contact us to talk with an experienced Iconic Displays exhibit consultant at 888-331-4260. We’ll help you navigate the options and choose the perfect display that jives with your company’s brand image. Or, contact us via email at sales@iconicdisplays.com to get started. 

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