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10’ Hybrid Trade Show Displays are designed to fall within your budget while still offering the professional, sophisticated look you need to make a big impression at your next trade show. Whether you need to rent multiple displays to attend more than one trade show simultaneously or simply want to try out a design before you commit to buying, 10’ Hybrid Trade Show Display Rentals provide a completely customized look at an affordable price.

Set-Up and Tear Down

When you’re getting ready to attend a trade show, you’re busy arranging travel, assigning staff, planning your sales pitch and attending to all the details you need to wrap up at the office before you’re gone for several days. The last thing you want to worry about is dealing with all the logistics of shipping our a display system and arranging staffing for setup.  A 10’ Hybrid Trade Show Display Rental from Iconic Displays eliminates all the hassles associated with display shipping, setup, and teardown. We take care of shipping, and we’ll set up your display for you, too. We’ll even take care of tearing it down, packing it up, and shipping your trade show exhibit back to our facility.

Fabric Graphics or Lexan Graphic Panels

Modular Displays can be used with either lexan graphic panels or fabric exhibit graphics, offering more customization options. Fabric graphics are more portable, and they don’t dent or kink as easily as other types of graphics. If you’re renting a display, ask us about custom graphic design options for a completely unique look that syncs with your company’s brand image.  And, we’ll install those graphics at your trade show event, too.

Choose from a Variety of Configurations

Our 10’ Hybrid Trade Show Display Rentals come in a variety of configuration options, ranging from a simple yet sophisticated backdrop to a complex, modern setup. With kiosks, reception desks, built-in LCD monitor displays and other custom features, a 10’ Hybrid Trade Show Display packs a ton of functionality into a small space to accommodate restricted exhibit spaces.

Add as You Grow

If you choose to buy a 10’ Hybrid Modular Trade Show Display, you’re not stuck with a single configuration forever. Because modular displays incorporate multiple off-the-shelf items to create a cohesive display, you can add other elements and even incorporate another 10’ Hybrid Modular Display System for a larger display down the road.

Whether you choose to purchase a flexible display that can grow along with your company, you’re attending two trade shows and want to rent two identical systems for a consistent brand image, or you simply want to try the trade show experience before you make a big investment, Iconic Displays has plenty of options. Call us to talk with an experienced Iconic Displays exhibit consultant and let us help you choose the perfect 10’ Hybrid Trade Show Display Rental, or email us at sales@iconicdisplays.com

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